Point Grey / stəywəte:n PAC

Where Point Grey Parents Connect

 Upcoming Events:

 7:00 p.m.
 in the staff room (room #201)
speaker to follow at 7:30pm in the library

April 17 Dr. Edward Zhang will address the group in Mandarin

he will speak about extra-curricular activities that help prepare students for their university applications 

May 15 - Annual General Meeting

SPUD.CA - FUNDRAISING FOR PG PAC - support our kids & eat healthy!
What do organic groceries have to do with Fundraising?  Check out http://www.spud.ca/fundraising  - order a box from the fundraising page and a donation will be made to PG PAC.  It's easy - at checkout, enter the promotional code FUNDRAISING.  Select "Point Grey Secondary" from the drop-down list and compete your order.  You get fresh fruit & veg, we get 25% back from every fundraising produce box sold.  


If you are interested in joining the PAC community, let us know at pointgreypac@gmail.com

The PAC Executive is looking for parents to join our team.  All parents/guardians are welcome to join, no experience necessary!

If you are interested in being "in the know" regarding events and issues at PG; having access to a tremendous parent support group all while offering your knowledge and time, please come forward and join the PAC Executive.  Please email kgertsman@shaw.ca if you are interested.  OR if you are interested in helping out at one of our many events - please email pointgreypac@gmail.com 

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